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Best friends contact names: Best friends are the people with whom you share the same chemistry and who know pretty much everything about you; both its strengths and weaknesses. The weirdest thing about best friends (bestie) is that some of them know you even better than you know yourself and aren't afraid to show your dark side. Here are some special best friend contact names that will make you feel special and help you celebrate your best friend even when he or she is not around.

Best friends contact names

Are you looking for a special contact name for your best friend? These are some great names to call them or save your contacts with. These names are unique and can bring a smile to your best friends faces.

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#1. Lehrer

For that friend who always has something new to teach you.

#2 Buda

The lit.

#3 Freund

That friend who is always close to you and knows pretty much all your secrets.

#4 My deadly man

The one who is ready to kill for you once you give the orders.

#5. Ruder

This smart friend who just prefers to eat and sleep.

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#6 Foodies

Name for the best friend who likes nothing in this world more than food.

#7. love expert

Fall in love with this friend who always gives the best advice on how to win someone else's heart.

#8th. a little crazy

Name for such a crazy friend. These types of friends don't care what people think or say about them.

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#9. Secret chamber

Name for that special friend who you confide in with all your secrets.

#10. Pumps

A funny friend who eats a lot and also panics when things go wrong.

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#11. Zucker

The friend who makes you happy and who you always run to when you're sad or in pain.

#12. Best friend

The closest friend you spend a lot of time with. These people make time fly when you are with them.

#13. Paddy-Mann

This name means the same as 'friend', the only difference being that this is strictly for boys or men.

#14. Jack for all trades

Your best friend, who is multi-talented and always has a clue about every topic.

#15. Best Friend Forever (BFF)

Name for that special friend who was always there through the good times and the bad.

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#16 King's Correction

For that friend who can fix almost anything that's wrong; be it your car or even your relationship with your spouse.

#17. Herz-Code

That friend who has the secret to gaining access to your heart.

#18 Best Servant

That friend who is willing to do anything for you.

#19. The servant

The happiest friend of all. The one who is always preferred by others.

#20 The Chosen One

For that friend you want to share almost everything with.

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#21. Thomas in doubt

Name for that friend who likes to argue about almost anything and wouldn't agree until they see the evidence.

#22. LeeMinHo

Name for your friend who is so cute but also loves to lie and play pranks on people.

#23. chicken republic

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Name of this close friend who loves to eat chicken no matter how badly cooked it is.

#24. teacher technology

Name for this type of technical friend who is always interested in technology and sometimes good at coding.

#25 Slim Shady

For that friend who is skinny and always claims to be a model.

#26 What can I refuse?

This one is for the friend who will take any idea and do as you ask.

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27. Hogan umarmen

For every friend who loves to hug almost everyone.

28. Crunchy

Name for your kind of weird friend.

29 Snoop Puppy

Name of friend who enjoys snooping around in other people's stuff.

30 laughing gas

For that friend who thinks everything is funny.

31. Workabolic

For that friend who knows how to balance work and football at the same time.

32 Captain Sparrow

This clever friend who's always busy thinking up a trick or two.

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33. Chatbot

Name for the friend who is a fast typist and enjoys speaking and writing to other people.

34 Schwammdose

This funny friend who loves to make others laugh.

35 show masters

Nickname for that friend who likes to pretend they're financially well off, but really aren't.

36 freedom fighters

Contact name of your best friend who does not like being bullied or seeing others being bullied.

#37 Woofy

For the dog loving friend.

#38 Doctor Martins

This name is perfect for that friend who is always giving medical advice despite not being a doctor by profession. Your names don't necessarily have to be Martins before you can use it.

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#39. the bastard

That friend who knows how to tease you until you lose your mind.

#40 It's war Military

For that friend who always acts tough on the outside but sweet on the inside.

#41. Lucky Gems

This is for that friend who always brings you luck and fortune whenever he is around you.

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#42. periwinkle

Name for best friends who are very old but always look young.

#43. space invader

For that friend who doesn't respect your privacy. They're always looking for you.

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For that handsome friend of yours.

#45 Double Trouble

Name of this friend who always seems to have too much trouble in store for everyone he meets.

#46 Great Holocaust

They offer almost the same problem as well as double the problem.

#47 Oh crackers

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For those friends capable of causing serious trouble. They're ready to set the roof on fire if you get in their way or mess with your family or friends.

#48 Oliver Twist

Name of friend who is not satisfied with what they have. They always ask for more.

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#49. Malta-Guinness

For the little friends whose head could qualify as an armrest.

#50 Captain Jones

That friend who always acts like a leader and accidentally misleads you.

Best friends contact names with emojis


star boy?



Hotdog ?

the reactor

Rosto Fino?

Dark skinned girl ?‍❤️‍?‍?

young boss?

Hot sauce?


Contact names for boys best friends

Virgin BoyGolden BoyCharley Boy Pant ShifterBig WhaleRude Boy BambinoAmigoNeo TitoBelloFreshness Garlour Tomb RaiderPumpkinNato C RodentZuptalBello Bean RipperRice MonsterGuapo Johnny BravoTarantino 50:50 Sammy One LegOlunmbeSneako RingoScreamerLoudspeaker SoDoomDingoPowerCode SilverLineningGoldenRatioSourdough Mountain DewSpace SheepMr Universe Long JohnBig BoyOcean OccasionFattyCut ​​​​Liver Daddy MackSparta2-in-1

Funny nicknames for best friends

Rainha do PapagaioVirgin GirlShortie Chicken RipperParty ScatterMohMohLimoh Cock-MonsterPepper Dem GangButt-Breathe PowerCordHoly ThieveGossip Queen Queen Of LambaMy Space!Show Me De Money The BlamerSparklySassy B!tch SolomonThe Calculator Coded ThingsAbrakadabraArmpit Unrasiert Based on LogisticsHoley OneBarbie AngelitoLong FaceThe Poker Monster EnergyPretty Penguin JoTheGine AngelaDouble ChanceMonstro de merda Coração desmaiadoJulietStretchy HurricanJuniorMrs Glamorous Cat WomanWhistle BlowerBellgium

Welcome to the humorous zone. If you are looking for a funny name for your best friend that you also want to use as a contact name, then you are in the right section. This collection of contact names for your best friend is huge and contains contact names that will appeal to your best friend's sense of humor.

All you have to do is go through the list above and pick a fun name that suits your best friend. The above names can also serve as your best friend's nickname and make sure they don't take you as an insult.

Nicknames for friends

Ambassador SlothCrapManD!ck Head Menschlicher GottLove BugDaredevil GingerbreadSnow WhiteMy Jelly Bean BambiCandy GirlDash Tough GirlGreasy HandsFirgine Betty GirlMy Crazy PeachBlack Mamba DimplesSets AddictMonster-Cock BlueprintThe BoulderHercules Fruit JuiceThe Rolling BeanieArmor Pretty PancakecidaClumsy OneGold SlugLocomotion Sweet In DaFrench MiddleCat Arowin RavenTrowin Princess RavenT BunnySixte Justice Scheu

Nicknames are special names for special people. These are some great names to baptize or use as contact names for your friend.

Best contact name idea for best friend

HeartyMaggieDrinking Bee Photo FreakHumdom Firecracker The WeirdestPrettyShadow Armored TankCannon Magnet Iron MaidenExtra LargeAtlanta MicroscopeThe SocialiteSubmarine SkyscraperColdplayHalfmast VolcanoLiquid MetalScumbag Tough DudeMagic FingersBusy Fingers Time TableElectronBeauty The ConductorBlock BustersCatfield GoblinBoomerThe Odd One Snack AttackWater BuffaloOthello Heart BreakerMr

In fact, your best friend is the only person who can push you beyond your limits and still get away with it. And even after all the troubles he or she brings you, you can't stop thinking about them.

For example, last summer (June 11, 2019) William, my best friend, pissed me off and I never thought we would be friends again. But eventually we settled the matter and that gave rise to the nickname I still call him "Cuttie And A Beast". 'Cuttie' in the sense that he's a really nice person, but 'a beast' in the sense that he can really piss you off at times.

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Nicknames are sometimes used to strengthen bonds between friends. Everyone is the result of a friend's attitude or an experience. Our main purpose in creating this page is to provide you with various nicknames and namesContact names for your best friend– If that's what you're here for, then you're definitely in the right place.

There are many names that we share with you and we are sure you will find the one that suits you best. Our huge collection of best friend contact names contains cool, good, cute and funny contact names for your best friend.

cool contact names for friends

Cool KidSweet Teddy BearFly Boy One For De RoadSilent DivaIce Scream HelenaHot ChilliSuperman Captain JackMr IndependentSmooth Dude Starch ClothsAmericanaRandy Boy Black MelonCocoChiquita Chop ChopBig FryCupCake Most WantedCrunchyBiscuit FloxyMy PrinceHeart Invader High FrequencySlim ShaddySparkie White AragonButterCakeWormy Angelic VoiceThe DukeAngela StewieSnack AttackGoldie Pie Chimp PunksBaby LovePlummy Pie Brown SugarCutie MamaRaindrop Baby CakesKarate KidTreehopper

Do you have that independent friend who always maintains a laid back attitude and has that cool energy that you always want to be with? So I think you better find the right contact name that suits their personality. In the meantime, don't forget that you can also use the above names as nicknames for your cool friend. However you decide to use the name; Whether it's a nickname or a contact name, always make sure your friend can easily identify with it.

Our collection of cool contact names for a friend is huge and mixed with cool and humorous contact names that you can easily use as nicknames. Just browse the list above and find a great cool name for your cool friend that seems to make things effortless.

Other names for best friend

The list above contains a large collection of different best friend names that have not been added in the other sections above. It's time to go through your entire contact list and replace the conventional names you used to save your friends' names with a more specific moniker.

So I think you must check out the list above where you can find many good nicknames for your BFF. Nicknames can be used to replace the original name. It goes a long way in showing your best friend that they are special to you and not like everyone else in your life.

Even if you don't want to use the names we've provided for you above, you can also use them as an idea to find a unique name that has a personal touch to your best friend. Before I forget, don't forget to bookmark our page. And if you're wondering why you should, it's simply because we have the best creative nicknames, special names,catchy contact names for friendsand teams you wouldn't find anywhere else but here. However, the point here is to find the best contact names for your best friend.

final thoughts

Hey guys I hope you were able to find that special contact name for your best friend? I believe the list above is long enough to include a good contact name that will perfectly match your best friend's attitude. If the list of your best friend contact names above was helpful in any way, be sure to share it with your friends.

If you like giving cute names to people, your suggestions are welcome in the comments section. Thank you for stopping by, don't forget that sharing is caring, Cheers!

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