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If you are thinking of buyingbest mountain bike fork, you can follow our article. In this article, we will detail some of the best mountain forks.

There are many types of bicycle forks available on the market today, but you need to decide which one is right for you. Here we will discuss different types of mountain bike forks from which you can choose the right fork based on your needs.

You need to choose the fork based on what you are riding and the wheel of your bike. For the sake of simplicity, we have listed everything you need to know before buying a mountain bike fork in the buying guide.

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The fork is a special part of the bike that holds the front wheel. A fork usually consists of two leaves joined by a fork at the top, and the crown is usually at the front. Most suspension forks have a bracket attached to the two lower sides. Mountain biking is very risky, so always take advantage of thatbest mountain bike forkso that your journey is safe.

The 6 best mountain bike forks

Now we are going to discuss some of the best bike forks they are designed forMountain Bike Tires; You can also mount these forks on the bikeGPS for mountain bike. Here you can directly select and buy one of your options. Now let's find out about the forks.

1. XOSS MTB front suspension forks

The 6 Best Mountain Bike Forks of 2023 - The Bike Spy (2)

Price at Amazon

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  • Durable and lighter than regular forks
  • Travel length 100mm
  • Product 100% quality
  • Made from aluminum alloy.

It's a standard mountain bike fork on Xoss. It comes with five colors; You can choose one according to your choice. It is lighter than other regular forks, so your bike won't add too much weight even after installation.

This mountain bike has become popular among users due to the lightness of the fork. It is a durable product with 100% high quality finishes. Constructed from non-corrosive aluminum gang gate.

The steerer tube length is 215 mm; The hose is long enough that you can cut the right length according to your needs. This fork comes with 100mm of travel and a one-year warranty. It fits a 1-1/8" headset bike with a 26"/27.5" wheel size.

2. RST Aerial 29 Mountain Bike Disc Lockout Hydraulic Fork

The 6 Best Mountain Bike Forks of 2023 - The Bike Spy (3)
  • Compatible with disc brakes
  • light and resistant
  • Can travel up to 100mm or 120mm
  • Black aluminum coating.

Dah Ken Industrial Co. Ltd established theFIRSTBrand. The company focused on the manufacture of bicycle forks in the 1990s and has almost twenty years of experience in this industry with technical know-how in the manufacture of suspension systems.

This hydraulic lockout fork is made in Taiwan andweighs 5.29 poundsand can travel from 100mm to 120mm. The steerer tube is 255mm long and the crown length from the crown is 510mm, giving you a comfortable ride.

This Aerial 30 RL model fork comes with a black aluminum coating. Thanks to the aluminum coating, riding a bike is much easier and the life of the fork is longer. This fork is disc brake compatible and releases quickly. It comes with a one year warranty.

3. 26 inch fat mountain bike oil spring suspension fork

The 6 Best Mountain Bike Forks of 2023 - The Bike Spy (4)
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  • Silver black color.
  • Travel length 100mm
  • fat bike hubs
  • Aluminum alloy down tube

This suspension fork is a high-performance suspension fork thatweighs only 2968 g (±50 g).The top tube is a 28.6mm straight tube, 9mm QR and 135mm hub spacing. The fork has a travel of up to 100 mm. is a fork ofMONEYMarke.

According to the characteristics of the mountain bike, the fork can adjust its weight and comfortable air pressure value according to the riding conditions to get a better experience. The length of the fork stator tube is 220 mm. 30 mm pipe inner diameter.

Its distinctive fork-shaped bridge design makes the front fork outer fork more stable and stronger, and prevents the tube from being contaminated with dust during riding. It's easy to get on and off with a mountain bike.

4. DNM MTB DH Downhill-Mountainbike-Gabel

The 6 Best Mountain Bike Forks of 2023 - The Bike Spy (5)
  • Fork weight 3.5 kg
  • Travel up to 203mm
  • Compatible disc brakes only
  • Interchangeable and individual cartridge

The fork has a 26/27.5 inch wheel and a 28.6 mm stator tubeDNMMarke.It is intended for high-speed downhill, flower bikes or racing products. Please install the bike fork to determine your riding style and read the manual before riding.

This 730mm fork is capableTravel up to 203mm. It is preload/rebound/high compression compatible. The fork is a unique, replaceable cartridge with a one-year warranty.

This fork is made in Taiwan and is only compatible with disc brakes. The weight of the cut fork is 3.5kg, which is heavier than other cut spoons. However, it is much easier to assemble and put down. You can quickly share it in no time.

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5. Bike Air Fat Fork - Snow Fat MTB-Gabel

The 6 Best Mountain Bike Forks of 2023 - The Bike Spy (6)
  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Travel up to 100mm
  • Fork weight 2270g
  • Suitable for 4.0 inch tires

The fork is suitable for a 4.0″ tire. It weighs 2270g and has a stroke of up to 100mm. It's made of a fat tire forkGenericBrand. Contains air to adjust the hardness and softness of the fork.

The fork on this mountain bike is made from aluminum alloy to prevent wear from excessive travel. These forks are ideal for eBike grease or dolomite grease. It can be a great fork for your episode bike's long journey.

It is not a light toy, so you need to be careful when installing it, but it is not a difficult task to install. You can assemble it with your fat tire mountain bike in no time and detach it quickly. It is mainly suitable for 26 inch MTB bike and has black body color.

6. SR Suntour XCR32 Mountainbike-Gabel

The 6 Best Mountain Bike Forks of 2023 - The Bike Spy (7)
  • The weight of the fork is 2,353 kg.
  • Fit with 29 inch wheel size
  • Steerer tube length: 272 mm
  • Compatible with disc brakes only

SR Suntour is a manufacturer of bicycle components. It was a Japanese brand based in Osaka that they sold to a group in Taiwan. The suspension of this brand of product ranges from spikes to derailleurs.

The fork fits a 29 inch wheel size and coil spring. Its travel capacity is 100mm and Axel QR is 9mm. It is only compatible with disc brakes and the lower part is made of magnesium.

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The fork strut tube has a length of 32 mm and the stator tube has a length of 272 mm = 10.7 inches. The cutlery comes in gloss black with a one year guarantee. This Taiwanese fork weighs 5,187 pounds, making it both durable and lightweight.

Mountain Bike Fork Buying Guide

There are many important things to consider when shopping for the best strength for a mountain bike. The topics are discussed below:

wheel size

You should buy a fork that is fully compatible with your bike's wheels. Otherwise, no matter what quality fork you use, the fork will not fit your bike.


The longer you ride, the more suspension you have and the more comfortable the ride becomes. Therefore, you should buy a fork for your bike that has extended travel. Since you are buying forks for a mountain bike, you should also be aware that riding in the mountains is much more risky than riding on a regular road.


When you ride a mountain bike, you need to use a fork that always offers sure-footed control. Therefore, when buying a bicycle fork, you need to consider its characteristics.


A heavy fork increases the weight of the bike significantly. If the fork supports the weight of the handle, you can easily lift the bike even after installation. So choose a fork that is durable and lightweight.


The price of a quality product is always a little higher. If you are looking for a cheap spoon, this will not be of good quality. For your safety, buy a quality fork with a little more money.


We've reviewed some of the best mountain bike forks so far. You will also find the right quality fork with usMountain bikes under 300, but before you buy the fork, you should get an idea of ​​the quality of the product. If you have decided to buy a bicycle fork like the first one, you should stick to the buying guide.

We have also discussed the considerations before buying a mountain bike fork that you can benefit from in the purchase section. There is a link under the picture of each product; You can easily buy the fork of your choice by clicking on the link.

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